Trust in Ravengro

In “The Haunting of Harrowstone,” the PCs spend quite a bit of time in the town of Ravengro. Unfortunately, as strangers to the town during a particularly bad time, they aren’t initially trusted. Yet as the days roll by, they are faced with numerous opportunities to build upon the town’s trust and, eventually, become well liked by the citizens, earning discounts on purchases, free room and board, or perhaps even greater rewards for their good deeds. Ravengro’s overall trust in the PCs is expressed by a numerical value—a Trust score. This score is shared by the entire party—acts of individual members can affect this total just as surely as acts the entire group takes part in. When the adventure begins, the PCs have a Trust score of 20. They can raise their Trust score by doing good deeds, respecting the townsfolk, or completing quests.

Trust Score: 20 (Trust tracking)

Trust               Purchase       Diplomacy
Score                Price         Modifier          Reaction   XP Reward
0     (Hated)   Not applicable Not applicable       Angry Mob       —
1–15  (Loathed)       +20%           –4                 —           —
16–20 (Disliked)      +10%           –2                 —           —
21–25 (Neutral)         —            +0                 —           —
26–30 (Liked)          –5%           +2           Friendly locals  400
31–35 (Trusted)       –10%           +4            Free healing    800
36+   (Admired)       –20%           +6               Cohort     1,200

Effects of Trust
The table below summarizes the effects of Trust as the PCs accumulate or lose points.

Trust Score: This value indicates the party’s current Trust score.

Purchase Price: This lists the surcharge (if a positive value) or discount (if a negative value) the PCs get to all
purchases in excess of 10 gp made within Ravengro. Diplomacy Modifier: This lists the penalty or bonus that the PCs gain on all Diplomacy checks made in Ravengro when interacting with citizens.

Reaction: This column lists a specific reaction or reward that the town grants to the PCs upon reaching that level of Trust. With the exception of “Angry Mob” (which only occurs at the lowest level of Trust, and goes away as soon as the PCs
work their way out of this level of distrust), reactions are cumulative. A party that gains the maximum Trust possible gains the benefit of all the positive reactions.

XP Reward: Award this to the party the first time they reach this level of Trust.

Angry Mob: If the PCs’ Trust score drops to 0, they become hated in Ravengro— unless they accomplish a great deed (such as defeating the haunting in Harrowstone) or completely disguise themselves, they can no longer gain Trust points in Ravengro. No one in town will sell anything to them, and all Diplomacy checks involving citizens automatically fail. Worse, if the PCs don’t quickly leave town, an angry mob is bound to form soon with the intent to capture and imprison the PCs. In a best-case scenario, the mob simply runs the hated PCs out of town, but at the GM’s whim, the mob might march the PCs up to Harrowstone and force them to jump, one by one, into the sinkhole at Harrowstone that leads into the dungeon—or the mob
might simply cut to the chase and lynch them all.

Friendly Locals: Most locals smile and greet the PCs by name when they cross paths on the street. Children are often seen pretending to be heroes similar to the PCs, while the PCs themselves might find villagers willing to buy them a drink at the tavern, invite them to dinner, or even steal them away for a romantic encounter. If the PCs don’t wish to stay in the Lorrimors’ house, the Outward Inn allows the PCs to stay free of charge as long as they can maintain this level of trust.

Free Healing: At this point, Vauran Grimburrow, the town’s head priest, offers the PCs healing free of charge as long as they’re in town—he’ll only charge for expensive material components for any spells he casts for them.

Cohort: At the highest level of trust, the PCs can gain the direct aid of some of the town’s more powerful NPCs. Sheriff Caeller might agree to accompany them into Harrowstone, for example. Exactly how this benefit plays out is up to the GM.

Trust in Ravengro

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