Fleisher Montvale

Studious, young man of average looks and slight build. Wears his dirty blonde hair tousled and a small goatee.


Race: Human (Taldan)
Classes/Levels: Alchemist (Chirurgeon)
Gender: Male
Size: M
Age: 22
Alignment: NG
Deity: Loosly follows Sarenrae and Pharasma

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14 +2
Constitution: 13 +1
Intelligence: 19 +4
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 8 -1
Favored Class: Alchemist

HP 9 : 8 + 1(CON)
AC : 16 = 10 2(DEX)4(armor)
Init : + 2(DEX)
Saves : F: +3 = 2(base) +1(CON) ; R : + 4 = 2(base) +2 (DEX) , W : +0

BAB: +0
Melee: +0
Ranged: +2(DEX)
CMB: +0
CMD: 12 = 10 +2(DEX)

Skill Points: 10 = 4 + 4(INT) + 1(Human) + 1(Favored class)

Appraise: +4 = 0 ranks + 4(INT)
Bluff: -1 = 0 ranks + -1(CHA)
Climb: -2 = 0 ranks + 0(STR) -2(armor check)
Craft (Alchemy): +9 = 1 rank +4(INT) +3(Class skill) +1(Alchemist level)
Diplomacy: -1= 0 ranks + -1(CHA)
Heal: +5 = 1 rank +0(WIS) +3(Class skill) +1(Trait)
Intimidate: -1 = 0 ranks + -1(CHA)
Knowledge (Arcana): +10 = 1 rank +4(INT) +3(Class skill) +2(Trait)
Knowledge (Nature): +8 = 1 rank +4(INT) +3(Class skill)
Knowledge (Religion): +5 = 1 rank +4(INT)
Linguistics: +5 = 1 rank +4(INT)
Perception: +4 = 1 rank + 0(WIS) +3(Class skill)
Ride: 0 = 0 ranks +2(DEX) + -2 (Armor check)
Sense Motive: 0 = 0 ranks + 0(WIS)
Sleight of Hand: +6 = 1 rank +2(DEX) +3 (Class skill)
Spellcraft: +8 = 1 rank +4(INT) +3(Class skill)
Stealth: -1 = 0 ranks +2(DEX) + -2(Armor check)
Use Magic Device: +3 = 1 rank + -1(CHA) +3(Class skill)

Languages : Common , Varisian, Osirian, Draconic, Ignan, Celestial

Feats : Simple Weapon Proficiency – All (Class); Light Armor Proficiency (Class); Brew Potion (Class); Throw Anything (Class);
Splash Weapon Mastery; Point Blank Shot (Bonus (Human))

Traits: Caretaker (1 to Heal checks); Teacher’s Pet (2 to Knowledge (Arcana) checks)

Class Features: Alchemy (Su); Bomb (5/day) (Su); Brew Potion (Ex); Mutagen (Su); Throw Anything (Ex)

Formula Book:
1st Level: Bomber’s Eye; Cure Light Wounds; Identify; Illusion of Calm; Shield; Truestrike

Prepared Extracts:
1) Cure Light Wounds
2) open

Prepared Mutagen: Dexterity

Bombs (5/day): 3 to hit, 1d64 damage, 20’ range
Club: 0 to hit(melee)/2(ranged), 1d6 damage, B, 20 crit x2, 10’ range
Spear: 0 to hit(melee)/2(ranged), 1d8 damage, P, 20 crit x3, 20’ range

Lamellar Leather: +4AC, +3 Max Dex, -2 Armor Check, 25# (light)

Club 3#
Spear 6#
Dagger (with Lastwall army seal on pommel) 1#

Backpack 2#
Sunrods (2) 2#
Scholar’s Outfit
Ink Pens
Ink, black (1 vial)
Candles (3)
Mapcase 0.5#
Blank Paper (3 sheets)

1 Belt Pouch 0.5#
Alchemist’s Kit 5#
Flint & Steel
Weapon Blanch, Silver 0.5#

2 Belt Pouch 0.5#
Marbles 2#
Alchemist’s Fire (x2) 2#
Acid 1#

PP: 00
GP: 11
SP: 05
CP: 06


Background: Fleisher is the middle child of a fairly well to do trading family in Lastwall. His father was a quartermaster in the army, who, after he was too injured to continue service, parlayed his skills into supplying the military with goods. His mother was an Osiriani woman and follower of Sarenrae who worked as a healer for the army. Fleisher was never a robust child, but always very bright and studious. While it was assumed that his older and younger brothers, Konnrd and Eustorius would serve in the military, Fleisher’s mother angled him towards the Lastwall War College’s Field Healers Services where he distinguished himself quickly.

When he was 15, both of his parents contracted a strange wasting sickness. No magic or mundane treatments could stave it off the disease and within a month, both of his parents were dead. Although healers and priests with more power and experience were unable to cure them, Fleisher bears the guilt of not being able to save his mother and father. Worse, still, a week after burying their parents, the sons were assaulted by their mindless undead shells in the family homestead. The sons destroyed the unhallowed mockeries of their parents and put them back to their proper eternal rest, but not before he took a reminder of them to forever bear as his failure and to spur himself on to find a way to fight death… wrapped carefully in a silk kerchief stowed on his person at all times are a finger bone from each of his parents.

Surrounded the trappings of what he considers his great failure, Fleisher decided to sell all shares of the family business to his siblings and pursue his alchemy far away from Vigil. He took his holdings and moved to Calphias in Ustalav to attend continue his search for the Essential Spark of Vitality and the strange intersections of divine curative magics with the arcane and their ability to overcome dark necromancy.

It was in the Quarterfaux Archives in Calphias that Fleisher met Dr. Lorrimor while they were both examining some ancient Osiriani canopic jars. Discussions followed, theories were disputed, and although the Lorrimor was not in town long, the two developed a rapport that continued on in a series of communications by letter. Recently, Fleisher was dismayed to learn of Lorrimor’s death and it was with a sense of comingled honor and heartsickness, he learned that he was suggested as a pallbearer for the man. He quit his meager student lodgings and headed for Ravensgro the next day.

Personality: Fleisher is a brilliant student and a very gifted healer, his bedside manner is, unfortunately, quite lacking. He is very interested in the greater good and gets irritable when irrationally strict laws or overly self-absorbed people stand in the way of it.

Fleisher Montvale

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